Maria & C-3PO

1927 - Fritz Lang's Metropolis was released. This film is one of the earliest, if not the first, science-fiction film. It featured an evil robot woman called Maria.

1977 - Fifty years later George Lucas released Star Wars which is probably the most popular science-fiction film. The design for C-3PO is very simliar to that of Maria.

If only they could meet...

I'm sure they'd fall in love or summin <
I used photoshop to arrange the two images (both are official movie photographs).
Then I used the lasoo tool and cut out the black areas, then the dark areas, then the light areas, then the white areas. After I had separated each TONE as a layer and I filled them in with virtual paint.
I feel that this process is worth trying to explain because I did not use Live Trace or Cutout or anything like that. It took a long time.

So, this is not the final stage.
I intend to screen print this image.
Yes. A1.
Delicious <