Minni, Port & Fran


The Flea, The Grasshopper & The Leap Frog

In Our Hands

For my end of course external exhibition I created an oroginal piece and had three days to complete it. This mural is that. Its a fairly blunt look at the world beyond university. The many possible routes. The future being in my own hands. ETC.
The colour scheme was kept muted to match the subtle tones of the glazed bricks around the archway.

I think with this painting I've made another in a string of pieces which I think are really awesome and clever but which seldom receive genuine, unrequested praise.
I'd like to think that part of the reason is because its unusual.
Its just that no one kows what to say!


Ere! This was my design for the Penguin Design Award.
I didn't win it. Not sure why but such is life!
This rendition is made from three layers of screen printed millboard.

The competition started me on a new project to redisgn a series of classic books from my youth, each of which has retained its gravity when I've reread them as an adult. I created a style to use across all of the covers and then printed each of them in different ways onto different materials.

Goodnight Mister Tom: Inked exposure on lithographic plate
The Secret Garden: Screen print on stained wood
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Lithograph on shiney white card
Lord of the Flies: Screen print on bookcloth
The Snow Queen: Laser-etching on acrylic mirror

Good for touching up your make-up.

C-3PO & Maria Screen Print

Here's that screen print I promised. Up on display at college it is!


Here's what all the Hook business led to.
This is a cyclic comic where the end of the story naturally leads straight back to the beginning and so goes on forever.
Infinity, ouroboros, phoenix, moebius.

The final codex style comics were printed using an old offset lithography press on A0 250gsm Somerset Paper. Two colours, midnight blue and dark matt gold yellow were used, combining on the front and back covers to create areas of green. They were then folded into the A5 codex form and held closed by a loop of gold ribbon.